What This Is All About

If you're looking for very basic things, like techniques, easy recipes, some healthy self-depreciation or occasionally, more complex recipes -- or you're one of those foodie types who likes to tell everyone else what they're doing wrong -- then you've come to the right place.

I'm not only going to share things I had to learn myself that made all the difference in the world, but I'll make sure they're in easy-to-understand formats that assume you're as dumb as I was. Er, as new to cooking, anyway. Because nothing is worse than finding a recipe that looks tasty and discovering the recipe is totally in Greek... well, unless it's a Greek recipe, that is.

I'll share my trials, triumphs... and failures, of course. With how far I've come, I still have much farther to go, so consider this less bragging and more 'sharing the journey.' If you are one of those bossy foodies, you'll find plenty of opportunity to tell me what I did wrong.

For those of you who feel like cooking is just out of your reach, it's not, I promise. Eventually you can go from this:

to this:

I promise.
(promises not guaranteed)